We are a special featured business enterprise that produce various blade and non blade equipments
for surgery, hunting or kitchen, the technique poer is strong, the design manufacturing ability is purely professional. we are proud of our work since 1960, as 2021 is more than  “THE GOLDEN JUBILEE YEAR” of MK TRADERS business being leaded by third generation. The Founder MR.CH. ZAFAR IQBAL, started Business in 1960 and his father CH. Abdul Karim polished his skills, CH.Mudassar Iqbal is the legend in hand crafts of Damascus, D2, 440, 1095, 15N20, 1075, 1050, Daggers, Swords, Folding Knives, Kitchen/Chef, Engraved, Fancy, Kukri, Hunting, Pocket, Razors, Skinner, Goat Hook, Tracker, Karambit, Bowie, Axes,  Blank Blade, Damascus Bar, Miniatures. He made all is REAL BLACK SMITH WAY, produced most complicated customized designs and samples as well as developed the easier methods of production in industry.Our factory location is historical city of Wazirabad. we are proud of this historical land with modern technology, we have embedded our utmost skills to harmonize with modern era.
we welcome all customers to have visit our factory site or for virtual tour please log on to MKTraders600@gmail.com
Best Regards: MK Traders.

Ch. Mudasir
CEO / Founder

+92 307 7244078

Marketing & IT Director

+27 722 995942

Finance Director

+39 351 0317708

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